Case Studies

Below are samples of engineering design projects completed by CDG…

Atlas Copco

drill1The design brief was to create a new industrial power tool with an anti-vibration mechanism.

The project was worked on from concept through detailed design to production.






rola_trac_zoom1Supa-trac was conceived as a plastic walkway and driveway. The panels cleverly clip together making the whole system easy to clip into place and break down.

CDG design the plastic panel, added many clever design features and undertook stress analysis to prove the concept prior to tooling and manufacture.





Mtl1MTL asked CDG to help them meet a design deadline for a new product.

The project involved packaging a pre-design pcb layout into plastic covers that could be easily assermbyed and disassembled, using carefully designed and engineered clip features.






hoist1A new power generator had been designed for use on ships. But would the design withstand the stresses involved in loading the generator onto the ship via a crane?

CDG were employed to prove the design and strength of the lifting lugs.






bolts1A new idea for  permentantly fixing moveable objects (like park benches or motorbikes) was conceived. The new plastic earth bolt could be screwed into the ground anywhere where an anchoring point was required.

The clever part was once screwed into the ground, it could not be easily removed! Prototypes were created to prove out the design.





Phone1Fujitsu wanted a new concept design for a flip phone – when they were all the rage!

The new design was turned around to an extremely tight deadline and following a very specific design brief.







valve1A new valved had been designed, but would it withstand the pressure.

CDG were contracted to provide the answer using FEA tools to see the stresses both inside and out.







bike1Remember Action Man? In his heyday, every few months he needed a new mode of transportation; and CDG were contracted to design a new motorbike for him.

In order to prove he could ride the bike, Action Man was digitised into a 3D CAD file and positioned on the bike. Advanced surfacing techniques were used in the design of the fairing, seat and petrol tank design.





Superstack1CDG undertook the conceptual design, detailed design and prototyping of a new computer network hub.

A precise design specification was required to be drawn up and followed to fall inline with the corporate branding and industry requirements.





Marley Roofing


Ever thought about a roofer walk on a roof? Do the tiles ever break? And how do the tiles stay in place?

Good design in the answer, and CDG were asked to act as consultant engineers on the design and stress analysis of a new roof tile,





Virgin Atlantic

seat1Who dreamt up the idea of creating a bed from a seat on an aeroplane?

Even more important, who turned the idea into reality. Well we wouldn’t want to take all the credit, as the truth was CDG were part of an integrated design team. But we did a pretty cool design in CAD!